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            1. Contacts:Manager Huang


              Mobile phone:13921953808


              Email address:

              Address:Jingang village north of Zhangjiagang City


              About us

                Zhangjiagang Baolilong underlay Co., Ltd is a large professional enterprise that mainly manufactures a variety middleing-grade and high-grade underlayments. It has an area of 30,000 square meter and more than 100 professional engineers working in our company. The daily capacity can reach 80,000 square meter. The company have 4 national patent certificate. Since it has been set up thirteen years ago,our company consistently abide by the "customer-oriented, good faith-oriented, market-oriented and innovation- oriented " as management idea. We strictly focus on the superior quality as selling point and large volume as benefit which make us become one of the biggest and best underlaym...

              Customer case

              The most reliable packaging industry field

              Service hotline:13921953808


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